Radhatilak Aromatic Rice From Sundarbans | 1 Kg (99 Types of Chemical-Pesticide Free)

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Bengal has a rich tradition of folk rice cultivation over the years but most of them have been lost unfortunately over the passage of time.

However, this forgotten variety of highly nutritious aromatic folk rice - Radhatilak, free from any kind of polishing, very rich in nutrients and fibre with ambrosial fragrance has been brought back again by thousands of small and marginalized cooperative women farmers in Sundarban Islands and is becoming more and more popular than other aromatic rice varieties. Under Organic Agriculture Certification (in conversion as per NPOP) this rice is cultivated naturally using cow dung, cow urine, leaf compost only instead of chemical fertilizers/pesticides.

Sundarini Naturals, a farmers’ cooperative brand is to make organic women farmers of Sundarban Islands healthy and happy through connecting them with food conscious consumers all over the world.


What is the difference between Radhatilak Rice & Gobindabhog Rice?

Radhatilak Rice is much better substitute to Gobindabhog Rice. Texture, flavour, nutritional status are almost same but it has very good aroma, even better than Gobindabhog Rice. Shape of Radhatilak Rice is bold.

Radhatilak Rice has intimate reference to the folklore surrounding lord Krishna and his soul mate Radha and believed to be the grain of choice of Radha whereas Godindabhog Rice is a preference of Lord Krishna.


Why Radhatilak Rice of Sundarini Naturals is Special?

Unpolished & Soft Texture: With the delicate and soft texture without any polishing having pleasant buttery flavour and brilliant aroma even better than Gobindabhog rice this folk Radhatilak Rice is becoming very popular among all the people across the world.

No Harmful Chemical or Pesticide: The women cooperative farmers of Sundarini Naturals are committed to produce this rice organically without using any chemical fertilizer, pesticide. They believe in boosting immunity of the plants by rejuvenating soil with the use of cow dung, cow urine, leaf compost, BD Compost, Azolla mulching etc.

NABL Accredited Laboratory Tested: Not only claim, the rice is tested at independent NABL accredited laboratory and found to be free from 99 types of Chemical/Pesticides.

High Nutrient Content: As the thin and finest quality grains are free from any kind of polishing, it is very rich in nutrients and fibre, very low in fat and zero cholesterol.

No Chemical Scent: Sundarini Naturals never uses any Scent to attract consumers. The natural aroma and taste can be felt during boiling of rice.

No Rice Mill Technology: No Rice Mill Technology or modern machineries are used during processing of our Radhatilak Rice. It is de-husked by the use of traditional Dheki-like (a wooden structure used traditionally for de-husking of paddy) mechanism so that all nutritional contents of rice are restored.

Hand-packed with much Care & Time: Lady Plant Workers are engaged for cleaning, grading, sorting by using traditional Kulo (winnowing basket made of bamboo) and packing jobs with much care and time.


Is there any Storage Guideline?

Sundarini Naturals Radhatilak Rice is free from polishing (both mechanically and chemically) and also free from preservatives or insect repellent. For longer storage the rice is to be transferred to any airtight container after opening of the sealed pack.

Moisture, air may reduce the aroma of the rice and also Rice Weevils may develop.


What does it mean by ‘Produce of Organic Agriculture in Conversion’?

The women cooperative farmers of Sundarini Naturals are cultivating folk rice varieties in the fields of Sundarban Delta organically without using any chemical pesticide, insecticide, or growth promoter, chemical fertilizers. Their solution to control diseases is to strengthen soil fertility by use of cow, cow urine, leaf compost etc.

As per guidelines of NPOP, Government of India it is mandatory to certify agriculture land and produce organic after three years from date of registration and necessary paperwork, audit etc. Our farmers have been registered in 2018 and expected to get organic certificate for agriculture produce in 2021. But, as approved by the Certification Body this period of conversion it is considered as ‘Produce of Organic Agriculture in Conversion’. The traditional method of farming in Sundarbans was always organic and now certification would help farmers for authentication and proper documentation. 

For satisfaction of the consumers we have tested the rice at independent NABL accredited laboratory and results have been uploaded in the website. It is found that our Radhatilak Rice is absolutely free from 99 types of harmful Chemicals/Pesticides.


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