What happens in the fields of Sundarban Islands until it reaches your home?

Certified Organic Cow Milk Production

Organically grown cows of Sundarban Deltas are fed with pesticide-free green fodder, Azolla, chemical-free paddy straws, rice bran, moong dal husk, mustard/sunflower oil cake etc. and abridge organic livestock farming and organic agriculture.

Farmers have prepared herbal gardens to treat their ailing cows with herbal medicine avoiding unnecessary use of antibiotics/chemicals and have never used synthetic hormones for milk let down or high milk production. Farmers are committed for not supplying milk to their cooperatives when animals are under treatment.

After stringent quality checks with the use of computerized milk testing systems in three phases the milk is chilled and glass bottled for you presently in Kolkata only.

No Empty Promises, Independent NABL Accredited Laboratory also reports the same

Besides organic certification from APEDA affiliated certification agency (RSOCA) the milk samples were tested in independent NABL accredited laboratory for further checks. Yes! Neither any trace of 27 types widely used Antibiotics, 55 types of chemical Pesticides, harmful synthetic hormone Oxytocin nor Detergent, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Urea, Caustic Soda, Neutralizers were detected.

Highly praised women dairy cooperative model in the State, awarded by National Dairy Development Board, dedicated farmers use only Stainless Steel containers to carry milk to their cooperatives. They understand the need of chemical-free, antibiotic-free, adulterant-free milk for their valued consumers including sick, old, pregnant mothers, kids, and they know the importance of quality and freshness of organic cow milk for athletes, health-conscious persons also.

Fresh raw milk is bottled and supplied to your doorstep presently in Kolkata only to keep all nutrients, enzymes, protein unaltered which needs to be boiled immediately after delivery. Booking for monthly subscriptions is now very easy through our Mobile App.

Milk Processing for Bilona Cultured Cow Ghee, Certified Organic Cow Ghee, Certified Organic Malai Paneer & Delicious, Healthy, Chemical-free, Traditional Bengali Sweets

This chemical-free, antibiotic-free, preservative-free, hormone-free cow milk is converted into Curds (Dahi) for traditional Bilona Cultured Cow Ghee making through Vedic Bilona churning process in Brass Kadhai (Pan) before sunrise (Brahma Muhurta) with ample care and dedication.

Independent NABL accredited laboratory says our Bilona Cultured Cow Ghee is having very high level of MUFA (Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and PUFA (Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids) which are considered to be heart healthy fatty acids along with Zero Sodium, another goodness for our heart and overall health in recent time. As a bonus it has high content of Vitamin-A, good for immunity, memory, vision and organ function.

Certified Organic Cow Ghee shimmers for you when cream is separated from this pure, organic cow milk, then cultured and boiled.

When this milk is boiled with lime it yields natural, handcrafted Organic Cow Milk Malai Paneer free from any kind of whitening agent or softening chemicals.

And when this milk is processed with sulphur-less sugar, natural fruits for flavour it creates the delicious handcrafted traditional Bengali Sweets & Doi delicacies like Rasogolla, Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, Chamcham, Langcha, Rabri, Kachagolla, Sandesh, Mishti Doi, Baked Items: Baked Rasogolla, Baked Doi, Baked Mihidana & Signature Items: Ice-Cream Rasogolla, Daab Malaikari, Fusion Sweets: Rabri-Jamun Cocktail, Rabri-Motichur Shots, Immunity Booster Sweets: Arogya Sandesh, Arogya Doi which have become very popular as Chemical-Free Sweets in Kolkata market.

Organic Agriculture & Biodynamic Farming

Organic milk production needs organic agriculture first. Sundarini Coop is the first all women dairy cooperative in India to initiate a holistic, integrated and sustainable approach by Going Organic, choosing all traditional, folk varieties like Dudheswar Rice, Gobindobhog Rice, Radhatilak Rice, Kalabhat (Black Rice), Lal Dudheswar (Brown Rice) & Sona Moong Dal keeping in view the challenging geographical and ecological conditions.

Thousands of women farmers work hard to keep their soil nutrient rich by keeping earthworms alive, adding leaf compost, & using cow dung, cow urine, and allowing butterfly, birds, beneficial insects to visit their cultivation field for better pollination and pest control. Azolla (a floating fern) is either incorporated into the soil before rice transplanting or grown as a dual crop along with rice as natural Nitrogen source. Dhaincha (Sesbania sp.) is another popular organic mean among farmers for green manuring, soil improvement and livestock feeding.

Farmers have been meticulously trained on Biodynamic Farming at Bhaikaka Krishi Kendra, Anand, Gujarat under complete guidance and support from National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Many of them have become Jaibo Monitor later and trained co-members of each dairy coop in Sundarbans on organic and biodynamic farming methods.

Preparation and application of Cow Pat Pit (CPP), BD Compost, BD 500 series are now common practices among farmers. The natural means of farming boosts immunity and production of the agriculture crops, green fodder for cattle etc. organically and no plant growth hormone, chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides are required at all.

Manure Management through Flexi Biogas towards Sustainable Organic Agriculture

Contributing 50% of project cost of National Dairy Development Board the committed farmer-members of Sundarini Naturals have installed Flexi Biogas Plants, a flexible above-ground system that is simpler and less costly to build and operate at their houses. Cattle excreta are fully utilized to produce biogas for cooking and slurry (digested material after gas formation) with zero environmental hazards. This nutrient-rich Slurry has become a boon to sustainable organic agricultural practices.

Independent NABL Accredited Laboratory Testing Confirmation

Rigorous hard work of farmers to produce flavourful, healthy food for you has been tested in independent NABL Accredited Laboratory to confirm zero presence of any traces of synthetic harmful pesticides. While you enjoy our products be sure and thank for the honesty of the farmers that including Glyphosate 99 types of pesticides were found absolutely Nil.

Processing for Unpolished, Organically Grown, Chemical-free, Pesticide-free Dudheswar Rice, Aromatic Gobindobhog Rice, Aromatic Radhatilak Rice, Kalabhat (Black Rice),
Laal Dudheswar (Red Rice) & Sona Moong Dal

Naturally produced crops are tested at in-house laboratory, processed replicating traditional Dheki (wooden structure for threshing of paddy) mechanism without using modern rice mill technology to keep the grains unpolished and thus full of Vitamin B Complex, minerals and fibre. Our lady plant workers are engaged for cleaning, sorting, grading of rice, dal by the use of traditional Kulo (winnowing basket made of bamboo) and packing with much care and time.

Certified Organic Wild Sundarban Honey Collection

Sundarban is a protected forest area and thus pesticides, antibiotics or any other harmful substances cannot be administered to the flowers or bees in the forest area or nearby.

Giant Honey Bees (Apis dorsata) collect pure golden nectar and pollen from flowers of mangrove plants like ‘Sundari’, ‘Garan’, ‘Khalisa’ trees deep inside the mangrove forests.

In April to June months after getting permission from State Forest Department hundreds of marginalized Sundarini Naturals cooperative honey collectors of Sundarban Islands locally known as ‘Mouli’ travel in search of beehives through muddy saltwater rivers, creeks and narrow channels that criss-cross the Sundarban forests, run the risks of meeting deadly Royal Bengal Tiger, venomous snakes and crocodiles and harvest organic wild Sundarban honey scientifically without hampering biodiversity of their sacred forests.

AGMARK specified, Organic certified Semi-Processing of Pure, Authentic, Wild Sundarban Honey

This honey is tested, filtered and pre-heated scientifically so that goodness of natural antioxidant properties due to its unique phenolic compounds & flavonoids, natural enzymes & pollens are retained and dirt, body parts of bee-larva, wax are removed.