High MUFA Vedic Bilona Cultured A2 Cow Ghee From Sundarbans | 350 ml Glass Jar

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Bilona Cultured A2 Cow Ghee is handcrafted carefully in Brass Kadhai before sunrise in Brahma Muhurta through Vedic Bilona churning process from Curds not Cream. The milk used for making our Bilona Ghee is produced by desi cows of Sundarban delta reared by thousands of small and marginalized women farmers under Sundarini Naturals Dairy Cooperative system. As per NABL accredited laboratory report our Bilona A2 Ghee is very rich in MUFA & PUFA fatty acids, Vitamin A with Zero Sodium and is also free from any pesticide, antibiotic, hormone or preservative.


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